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An Open Letter to All Airplane Passengers,

Dear Fellow Passengers,

Well, here we are again. We are all about to board this giant metal tube and go hurtling through time and space together.

I know it’s not the most comfortable place to be in the world. We’re all relegated to our tiny little seats. We have no control over when we can or cannot stand up. The orange juice that the airline gives you isn’t really doing a lot to compensate for your sore muscles.

I’m with you on this. However, contrary to public opinion, there is one way we can all be more comfortable: don’t recline your fucking seat. 

airplane seats


Now, before you come at with a pitchfork, know that I understand why you do it. It does make the whole experience a little bit more comfortable and is preferable if you’re trying to sleep. This shitty situation isn’t your fault, it’s the airline’s. They’re the ones who sold us this same minuscule amount of space for the duration of the flight.

However, when you recline your seat, you take up the space of the person behind you, and that’s kind of a dick move if I’m being honest. I know, I know, you paid for that ability, but the person behind you also paid not to have a chair hit them in the nose. Even though you aren’t at the root of this problem doesn’t mean we have to be complicit in it.

Whenever I raise this opinion, people huff back at me, “Well, why can’t everyone else just put their seat back?”

Well, there are two reasons:

  1. Not everybody can (if you’re in the row in front of an exit or the very last row of the plane).
  2. Not everybody wants to (have you ever tried typing on a laptop in a reclined seat? It’s like you’re a zombie in the Thriller music video.)

As such, this isn’t the practical option for many of your fellow passengers.

In short, I know that this is a shitty situation. We all want to be comfortable, but the airlines refuse to give us a way to achieve that goal. However, if we work as a collective, we might be able to improve our situation just slightly.


A girl who doesn’t recline.


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